How I Manage My Data

In this article I share bit of what I’ve learned in putting together a backup and data synchronization system for myself and my family. My goal is simple enough to state generally: I want to make sure all of my notes, documents, photos and videos are backed up and available from anywhere. Diving into the details of this goal is where things get complex. Happily, I think the end result is simple enough for others to emulate.
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The Developer's Toolbox

Simple, Secure, Repeatable Most of us live a connected life by default. I have six computers and three mobile devices that hold bits and pieces of my work and personal lives. As a software engineer that may be on the high end, but surely it’s not uncommon to have a computer or two, a shell account or VPS, a phone, and perhaps a tablet too. On each device, I need different parts of my digital life:
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